The Forms, artwork by Harald den Breejen; stereo view 3D, video still

The Forms, video still

The Forms, artwork by Harald den Breejen; video still (single channel from stereo view original)

The Forms, video still (single channel shown)

The Forms

is a stereo-view 3D video, showing a portrait of the artist smoking a pipe. In front of him a cube slowly rotates mid-air. The cube and the figure never interact, and the cube remains indeterminately in-between the state of concrete physical existence and ideal presence in the mind of the smoker.
The work is shown as a small scale projection, and is viewed through a Holmes-style stereoscope. The above image can be viewed with any suitable stereo-viewer made for use with a digital screen.
Click here to view a lower-resolution extract of the video (opens in a new window).
The Forms, artwork by Harald den Breejen; installation view at Rijksakademie Open 2010

Installation view at Rijkasakademie Open 2010, photo courtesy of Willem Vermaase